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Carecode and Telia start co‑operation

Telia & Carecode

Carecode was founded three years ago with the mission of making healthcare easier for doctors, nurses and patients. We have now worked with over 20 public and private healthcare organisations, bringing new digital operating models into their everyday work. Using our service, healthcare professionals can easily communicate with each other and their patients whenever and wherever (read more about our service).

Our co-operation with Telia in Finland will allow us to offer an even broader communication solution for our customers. Telia brings significant know-how and experience in serving large customers. Carecode is an innovative healthcare-focused startup that can quickly adapt to customer needs.

The healthcare industry is changing. Western countries have aging populations, the demand for health services is growing and competition between healthcare providers is increasing. One of the most significant problems is communication between different parties in the care process. This leads to unnecessary delays, visits, travel and queues. Digital solutions have the potential to make healthcare communication work better.

Our service is a communication solution that enables easy and secure communication between doctors, nurses, patients and relatives. The service is used for messaging with patients, communication in care teams, and information flow between different healthcare organisations. Our goal is to make healthcare work better and to save professionals’ and patients’ time.

Ahti and Patrik

Ahti Mäkitie (CEO, Carecode) and Patrick Francke (Head of Healthcare Business, Telia Healthcare)



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